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An offbeat, offset, whimsical blend of complementary beads and charms create a unique set of Purim earrings complete with tiny tinkling bells.

On PURIM we read the Megillah (Book of Esther). Esther is the heroine of the story in which the Jews of Persia are saved from the evil Haman. We dress up in costumes, wear masks and make loud, booing noises whenever Haman's name is read. Recently, a new custom has arisen of ringing bells whenever Esther's name is read. A favorite treat eaten during Purim is Hamentaschen, fruit-filled, 3-cornered cookies.

  • The hinge style earrings are gold plates over surgical steel

  • Made of great beads, charms, and crystals from all over the world.
  • Colors may vary from lot to lot.
  • Earrings are approxiately 2¼ inches in length. Details are shown larger than actual size.
  • Most of the charms are one-of-a kind designed by me.
  • If you're a Gift Shop or a Retail Store owner, you may want to consider the DISPLAY option.
  • Question or comments? Call or email me.

Price: $ 20.00


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“OMG, how cute are these?

Shabbat earrings—could you die over the little candlesticks? I’m more into the tribal bone look myself, but I seriously love these from Yontifications.com, a line of Holy Day-inspired jewelry designed by Judaica superstar Susan Fischer Weis.

Really, you need to check out the whole year—the adorable little shofar for Rosh Hashanah had me squealing like someone put baby bunnies in my sock drawer. And Sukkot’s baby lulav and etrog— lady, you’re killing me! The mini-matzohs and teeny hamantashen are so freakin’ precious I want to become a Hebrew school teacher so I could have an appreciative audience for them.”

—Yo, Yenta!