Limited edition Ketubot by Susan Fischer Weis are a beautiful and affordable option for your wedding ketubah. Each limited edition, silkscreened Ketubah print is handpainted to give it an original feel. Our Ketubot can also be personalized by the artist with your wedding information. We have Ketubot with both traditional Aramaic texts and nontraditional Hebrew and English texts.

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Limited edition prints by Susan Fischer Weis. Susan Fischer Weis has created many different editions celebrating Jewish themes. They are all limited edition, hand-painted silkscreens. In addition to these prints, Ms. Weis has been commissioned to create original prints for synagogues, and other organizations, to be used as fundraisers or to acknowledge generous gifts.

Dove of Peace Limited Edition Print 1

Dove of Peace, a hand painted silkscreen, illuminates the priestly bendiction through the silhouette of a dove. Translated, it states “May God bless you and keep you. May God‘s face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May God’s face be lifted towards you and grant you peace.”
Each Hebrew letter in the piece is a small peace-themed illustration. Whether containing the word Shalom, picture of Jerusalem or olive branch the overall theme of peace permeates the print.
The quote below, “ Oh, that I had wings like a dove", from Psalms, further illustrates the desire for peace.
"Dove" is the first in a series of 3 peace inspired prints.


Hands of Peace 1

This print is the second of the "Peace" series.
Hands of Peace shows the priestly hands enveloping the hand painted Hebrew word Shalom, peace. Below is the inscription, from the priestly benediction, is "May the Lord's face shine upon you and grant you peace".


Wall of Peace 1

Wall of Peace shows three tallit covered figures praying at the Kotel, Western Wall. The wall is made up with the words of Hashkiveynu. The Hebrew word shalom subtly emerges from the wall. Below is written, "...rise up to life renewed and spread over us the shelter of peace."


Mizrach 1

Mizrach is the Hebrew word for "east". A Mizrach also refers to the decorative artwork hung on the eastern wall of the home. Jews in the Diaspora face east, toward Jerusalem, when they pray.
This piece has the word Mizrach, in Hebrew, hand painted to show contrast against the background of a Jerusalem scene.
The Hebrew bordering the art is translated along the bottom as "Who prays in Jerusalem is as one praying before the Throne of Glory, for the Gateway of Heaven is there."-Pirke De-Rabbi Eliezer


Aishet Chayel-Woman of Valor 1

This Aishet Chayel, translated as Woman of Valor, is adapted from a poem from the Book of Proverbs. It is traditionally sung on Friday evening in praise of women, usually by a husband to his wife. The poem extols the various virtues of a woman, comparing her to, among other things, rubies.


Yaakov-Yisrael 1

This hand painted silkscreen illustrates the metamorphosis of Yaakov (Jacob) to Yisrael (Israel) as recounted in the book of Genesis. The letters of the Hebrew names morph into each other, subtly and colorfully. Inscribed beneath are the words "Your name shall no longer be Jacob but Israel..." Genesis 32:29.