Jewish Holidaywear Necklaces

The Yontifications Jewish holiday necklaces are all strung on nylon coated 24K gold plated stainless steel. The 18” necklace is adorned with Austrian and Czech crystals, gold-filled beads, and the whimsical holiday charms you’ve come to expect from Yontifications. At $30. per necklace, they make great Bat Mitzvah gifts (or just for yourself). Because all of Yontifications' jewelry is handmade, special orders are no problem. Need a shorter or longer necklace? Just ask!

Don’t forget to look on the earrings page. You’ll find that the Yontifications necklaces have beautiful complementary earrings. Wear them together or wear them alone.

Shabbat Necklace 1

SHABBAT is the day of rest. Shabbat begins Friday night. Just prior to sundown, we light the Shabbat candles. As part of our Shabbat meal we eat Challah, a braided egg bread. Fresh flowers are brought to adorn the Shabbat home. Shabbat ends on Saturday night when 3 stars can be counted in the evening sky.


Chanukah Holiday Necklace 1

CHANUKAH is also a festive holiday. It commemorates the rededication of the Temple and the victory of the Macabees over the Syrian-Greeks in 164 BCE. We celebrate by lighting the eight candled Menorah, giving Gelt (coins) and gifts to our loved ones. Playing Dreidel (spin top) is traditionally played during Chanukah.


Purim Holiday Necklace 1

On PURIM we read the Megillah (Book of Esther). Esther is the heroine of the story in which the Jews of Persia are saved from the evil Haman. We dress up in costumes, wear masks and make loud, booing noises whenever Haman's name is read. Recently, a new custom has arisen of ringing bells whenever Esther's name is read. A favorite treat eaten during Purim is Hamentaschen, fruit-filled, 3-cornered cookies.


Passover Holiday Necklace 1

On PESACH (Passover), we re-enact the story of the exodus from Egypt. We share in a festive meal called a Seder. During the Seder, we eat, among other things, Matzah (unleavened bread) and drink four cups of wine.


Hamsa Necklace 1

These Hamsa necklaces contain a colorful array of silver-lined beads which catch the light beautifully.
The silver/blue Hamsa necklace is full of different bluish hues from sapphire to turquoise to cobalt in both square-cut and rounded beads.
The gold/carnelian Hamsa necklace combines different sized and shaped turquoise, peridot, yellow, rusty orange and red beads.
The hamsa, an ancient Middle Eastern symbol is used to keep evil spirits away and invite, among other things, happiness & health. Hamsa, translated as five, refers to the five fingers of the hand.

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