Jewish Golfers

I often wonder, where are all the Jewish professional golfers? True, our tribe has never had a reputation for lighting the world on fire in the field of professional sports, but I know we're out there somewhere. Off the top of my head, only Sandy Koufax and Mark Spitz come to mind. Curiously, I googled Jews in Sports and found a surprisingly impressive list. But when I got to the Golf category there were only five names. Happily I noted that two of them were women, Amy Alcott and Morgan Pressel. Cool, I thought, Morgan Pressel, two time LPGA Tour winner, and I have something in common! We’re both Jewish golfers! Yes, there is that small difference, that she can actually play golf and I’m just a hack. And then there’s the part where you tell me that she’s young, strong, beautiful and looks great in pink. Hey, I look great in pink!
Good luck to you Morgan. I'll be watching. And, if you're listening…Mazel Putts.